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Maltepe Mahellesi Gümüşsuyu Caddesi Mithatpaşa Sitesi No:2/11 Topkapı / Zeytinburnu / İstanbul / / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 212 674 8202
Hall: 2
Stand: 2-B10
Product Groups
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment
  • Bakery Machines and Equipment
  • Coffee Machines and Equipment
  • Service and Catering Equipment

Akse Industrial Food Packaging Industry has taken part in many important projects with its increasing high quality service understanding since the day it started its first business in 2002. Our company still provides professional service in our store, which continues to sell with our expert staff. Providing food services; Our company continues to serve in many areas with the support of project design, assembly and post-technical service for the kitchens of businesses such as restaurants, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, fast food, markets, buffets, patisseries, factories, hospitals, military units.

Vacuum MachinesFood vacuum sealers - Stand type and Benchtop

Our Products are Made of Complete Steel (304 Quality Stainless Steel) Designed in European Standards and manufactured in a solid structure. Thanks to the electromechanical control panel, you can simply adjust the vacuuming time and bonding time. When you close the Machine Cover, it starts to work automatically and performs the processes of evacuating the internal air, gluing and removing the air, respectively. In this way, the packaged products are protected from harmful external factors such as rust, melting, moisture, odor, and extend the shelf life of your product. Produced in accordance with hygienic conditions It is produced in a space-saving design with a focus on small kitchen types. It performs the entire vacuuming process (vacuuming, bonding, printing, cooling and unloading) automatically. The packaged products are protected against oxidation, flowing, leaking, insecting, and thus remain fresh for longer. Cheese vacuum machine, delicatessen vacuum machine, meat vacuum machine

Bowl Plate Sealing MachinesManual Bowl Plate Sealers

It is the type of machine used for the packaging of Dry Legumes, Soup, Sandivic Bread, Solid and Liquid Products. There are different eye options. Capacity of closing 500 plates per hour. This period includes the time of drawing the plate setting film on the plate and hot flushing.

Meatball MoldsMeatball Molds - Different sizes

Meatball Molds for Child Meatball Molds 15-25 Grams, Akse Meatballs Mold 20-30 Grams, Butcher Meatballs Mold 30-40 Grams, Sivas Meatballs Mold 45-55 Grams, Hamburger Meatballs Mold 60-90 Grams, Hamburger Meatballs Mold 100-130 Grams, We named the Hamburger Meatball Mold 140-200 Grams and produced it in different weights.

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