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İletişim: +90 264 291 4944
Salon: 8
Stant: 8-A04
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  • Endustriyel Mutfak Ekipmanlari
  • Pasta ve Firin Makine ve Ekipmanlari
  • Temizlik ve Hijyen Ekipmanlari
  • Servis ve ikram Ekipmanlari

CANCAN was founded in 1958 by the late Salih Özüuğurlu to serve the food sector. The Cancan story, begins with the repair of orange squeezing machines & kitchen equipment, continues with the production of these machines. The second geeration Tunç Özüuğurlu, took over the management from his father in 1984, foreseeing that the food service industry would progress in Turkey. In 1994, Cancan obtained the trademark registration of the company and moved from Ankara to Sakarya in 2000 and continued production in its new workshop. Today, Cancan manufactures manual and automatic orange juicers, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon juicers, washing equipment, manual and automatic can openers, peeling machines, cutting and chopping equipment with its new knife production facility with 85 employees in its 6.500 m2 facility. CANCAN, which prioritizes research and development and allocates a significant part of its annual turnover to R&D studies, competes with world brands with the production of innovative equipment. In line with the developments and demands in the sector, in addition to the production of industrial kitchen products and food machines, CANCAN also manufactures special machines that are not produced in Turkey or are produced very less. The R&D department has a staff that is expert in its field, creative, open to innovations and development, and capable of producing fast solutions to the needs of our customers in the domestic and foreign markets. While conducting R&D studies on new products, it also strengthens its quality infrastructure. Increasing export rate every year, CANCAN serves from a single point with more than 65 countries and nearly 300 customers in 5 continents. With its 65 years of history and professional staff, CANCAN has developed its technological infrastructure and production solutions since its establishment. Exporting to every region of the world, CANCAN continues to develop and expand its activities abroad. CANCAN has adopted to establish and operate a sustainable quality management system aiming to provide services and products that create added value to its customers, employees and business partners in domestic sales. The reason why our productions are preferred is that we direct the local sector with our world-class products. The sectors we mainly serve are; industrial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers, markets, greengrocers, catering... Briefly, we produce for all facilities that produce mass catering and want to produce healthy drinks and make your work easier. We produce for all points where human life is important. CANCAN provides fully equipped service to its customers not only before sales but also after sales with its R&D, production, shipment, customer representatives, logistics department in its strong infrastructure.

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