• 24th International Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Patisserie Equipment and Technologies Fair
  • 22-26 September 2020
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HOSTECH by TUSID was introduced in Dubai this time

International marketing activities of HOSTECH by TUSID 2020, which is one of the greatest exhibitions in the world on hotels, restaurants, gastronomy and kitchen equipment, were performedin Dubai this time. 

In addittion to billboard works at metro stations and and airports, brochures and invitations were distrubuted to visitors and exhibitiors at the Hotel Show between September 17-19

International marketing activities of Hostech by Tusid which offers unique trade opportunities for exhibitors are performed via Dubai and London offices of CNR Holding as well as via 78 international agencies authorized with private agreements.   

HOSTECH by TUSID meets industrial kitchen, laundry and oven machinery equipment needs as well as furniture and decoration needs of the world’s leading travel and tourism countries besides Turkey. Take your spot at HOSTECH by TUSID, establish new business connections and increase your trade and export capacity.